Pukeora Wines

Pukeora Estate currently produces wine under 2 labels. The premium wine label is known as the Ruahine Range and as from late 2016 is a black and gold label. Prior to this the Ruahine was produced under a beigey/limestone coloured label. The 2nd tier value range is known as the Estate Range and is released under a buff coloured label.

Wines produced in the early years from 2002 to 2009 were released under the San Hill brand named after the nickname of the area from Sanitorium days.

Pukeora Ruahine Range

Pukeora Estate Premium Label (More Complex Style)

The Pukeora Ruahine Range wines are grown on our limestone hills and and hand crafted in our boutique winery. Hand picked and carefully made, these wines are made for our premium label. Mostly barrel fermented whites and barrel aged reds these wines are made to be more complex than the Estate Range.

The Ruahine Range is now being released with a smart back label to distinguish it better from our buff coloured Estate Range.

Pukeora Ruahine Range - Wine List

Pukeora Ruahine Range Chardonnay 2017
 Pinot Gris
Ruahine Range Pinot Gris 2017
 Pinot Noir
Pukeora Ruahine Range Pinot Noir 2014
 Red Blends and Syrah
Pukeora Ruahine Range The Benches 2015
Pukeora Ruahine Range Rosé 2017
 Sticky - Dessert Wine
Pukeora Ruahine Range Noble Selection 2014

Pukeora Estate Range

Pukeora Estate Range (Second Label - Easy Drinking Style)

The Pukeora Estate wines are grown on our limestone hillside and handmade in our boutique winery. The Estate Range wines are made in an easy-drinking straight forward style and are good value wines.

Pukeora Estate Range - Wine List

Estate Range Chardonnay 2017 (sorry not available)
 Wines - Other
Pukeora Estate Semillon 2015/2016