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HOT NEWS: Pukeora Estate changed hands in August 2023. The venue, vineyard and winery has SOLD.

Under new management, new owners Victoria and Dale will be providing Pukeora Estate with a new lease of life.

For details on venue & accommodation, please see www.pukeora.co.nz.

For enquiries regarding the Pukeora premises and vineyard, please call Victoria on 021 224 7715 or email Victoria & Dale.



Pukeora Estate wines are still available online or by mail order via the on-line sales site.

Happy browsing.  To contact the previous owners please email Max & kate.

*** Wine Sales (R18+) - Cellar Door & Tastings Closed - Remote Sales Welcome ***

Cellar Door: Sorry - we are unable to offer cellar door tastings. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The wine is still being sold mainly via remote sales by Max & Kate, the previous owners.

On-line or phone wine sales are welcome (R18+). See Pukeora wine sales.

Vineyard & Winery

Pukera Autumn VineyardThe stunning limestone hillside was purchased in 2000 with the principle purpose of planting grapes. Over the next 3 years 5 Ha of vines were planted and a small boutique winey was created in an original sanitorium basement.

Award winning wines grown on our limestone slopes are available. The wines have been under the Pukeora Estate label and the premium Pukeora Ruahine Range label. The wines include Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, The Benches Red (Merlot based blend) and a "sticky" Noble Selection of chardonnay and semillion grapes.

On-line sales (R18+) are available from the previous owners, Max & Kate. For more information see our Wine pages.